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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Feb 10, 2015

Italian made, full leather walking shoes!

We have received many enquires about the difference between the Grisport Dartmoor shoe and the Grisport Ravine Shoe.

As a result, we have produced a table that outlines the key differences between these two shoes, as identified below:

Dartmoor -V- Ravine

The Grisport Dartmoor Shoe and Grisport Ravine Shoe are both classed as ‘back-packing’ shoes that boast many key features. Yet, when comparing the style and look of these two shoes, there is in fact very little difference between them. It is fair to say, however, that the Grisport Ravine shoe is a slighly better shoe in terms of performance!

Key features:

Features Dartmoor Shoe Ravine Shoe
Material Top quality Italian leather Top quality Italian leather
Lining Cordura lining Cordura lining
Ankle material Cordura padding Soft leather padding
Sole Unit Vibram sole Vibram sole
Sole construction Unique 5 layer sole unit Unique 5 layer sole unit
Lacing Steel loops Steel loops with top Quick lacing hook
Waterproof Lining Spo-Tex waterproof and breathable lining Sympatex waterproof and breathable lining
Tongue construction Part leather and part Cordura fabric sewn in tongue Part leather and part Cordura fabric sewn in tongue
Insole Anatomically designed for comfort Anatomically designed for comfort
Weight 1040g 955g
Sizes EU 36- 47 (UK 3-12) EU 36 – 47 (UK 3-12)
Colour Brown and Black Brown

The Dartmoor and Ravine shoes are ‘true to their sizes’, allowing for a comfortable pair of walking socks to be worn. These walking shoes are available in European sizes but if you require assistance with the conversion of your shoe size, please view our Grisport Size Guide here.

As highlighted in the table above, both of these walking shoes have been designed to include Grisport’s unique five layer sole unit. This sole unit provides fantastic support, comfort and stability. For more information please click here Five Layer Sole unit.

Both of these shoes are ideal for a range of activities. Due to the high quality manufacturing processes and the durability of these shoes, they are suitable for backpacking, hill walking, dog walking, gardening, the workplace, or indeed for everyday use.

Both shoes are manufactured to include a Vibram sole unit. Incidentally, it is interesting to note that, as an organisation, Vibram is the worldwide, leading provider of sole units that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

A vibram sole unit offers many benefits, such as:

  • an outstanding grip
  • great stability
  • great durability

“The secret of Vibram performance is the optimal combination of hyperfunctional DESIGN and exclusive RUBBER COMPOUNDS”

Please view our video below further highlighting the differences between the Grisport Dartmoor and the Grisport Ravine shoes:

If you require any further information about either of these walking shoes, please do not hesitate to contact us at or on 01978 437029.