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Posted by Bethan Bithell on Dec 20, 2013

A Poncho certainly is a versatile piece of clothing and ideally, everyone should have one in their rucksack when out walking in the countryside. Indeed, it’s even worth thinking about keeping one in the boot of the car, just in case of emergency!

If you do fancy one, it’s worth noting that there are many different styles and colours to choose from – and this means, as you may imagine, that they often differ in price! It may be that a simple throw away poncho will suit your needs or you may wish to invest in a better quality fully waterproof and breathable poncho instead!

So, here we go then….20 uses of a Poncho!

Ponchos can be used as a:

  1. Bike cover (for storing your motor/push bike over winter)
  2. Waterproof picnic rug
  3. Windscreen protector against frost
  4. Rain protector (eg when driving a mobility scooter0
  5. Mud shield (eg when at music festivals)
  6. Waterproof table cloth (eg when having a picnic on countryside outdoor tables)
  7. Rucksack cover (to protect valuable goods stored in your rucksack when out and about walking)
  8. kite!
  9. Trailor cover (when wanting to safely transport valuable items)
  10. Protector from rain, when out horse riding
  11. Waterproof dog cover on floors and sofas (when they come in from the wet)
  12. Emergency tent
  13. Car boot liner
  14. Car seat cover (less dog hairs -and wet dog smells)
  15. Dust sheet, when decorating
  16. Cover apron for children, when they are finger painting
  17. Blanket to kneel on, when changing a flat tyre
  18. Protector for your car wing, when the bonnet up is up for topping up oil,etc.
  19. Protector against rain, to keep dryWaterproof Poncho

And finally… in at number 20, a Poncho can be worn when out Christmas Carol singing – just in case it snows!

Very best wishes, from all of us at Cherry Tree Country Clothing!