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We all need to be safe, comfortable, warm and dry when out and about in the countryside. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly which products to buy, due to the complexity of the terminology used by manufacturers! To make matters worse, it may be the case that a product image and description just doesn't give you all the information.

We have tested a range of shooting clothing, shooting footwear, wellington boots and walking boots and equipment - all to help you make an informed decision!

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Clothing Reviews

Percussion Rambouillet Jacket Review


Percussion Rambouillet Hunting Jacket

A new and exciting brand from France - Percussion. This jacket is made to a very high standard and features the essential pockets and straps for a successful shooting or hunting trip. 

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Hoggs of Fife Harewood Lambswool Tweed Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Ladies Caledonia Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Flora Fleece Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Brora Jacket Product Video

If you are looking for a beautifully crafted lambswool tweed jacket, then this is a definite contender. New for 2017, the Harewood jacket is lightweight but warm.

For more information and to buy this shooting jacket, click here.

A ladies tweed jacket beautifully crafted with moleskin collar and handwarmer pockets.

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A cosy fleece jacket with a high collar and soft zipped pockets.

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Fully waterproof and breathable jacket with soft fleece lining. Packed with essential features to keep you warm and dry.

For more information and to buy this mens jacket click here.


Hoggs of Fife Kinross Field Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Kelso Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Glenfinnan Jacket

Hoggs of Fife Ladies Hunting Jacket

Mens fully waterproof and breathable field jacket.

For more information and to buy this ladies jacket click here.

Mens lightweight knitted jacket with high collar for extra warmth.

Click here for more information and to buy this mens jacket.

Mens fully waterproof and breathable tweed jacket.

For more information and to buy this mens quilted jacket click here

Ladies quilted hunting jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane. Packed with essential features!

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Footwear Reviews

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 Grisport Dartmoor GTX Shoe Review


Grisport Dartmoor GTX Walking Shoe

A lightweight, yet sturdy all leather walking shoe made using top quality Italian leather. A quality leather walking shoe that's comfortable straight out of the box!

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Goodyear Swamp Wellington Boot

Grisport Ranger High Leg Boots

Goodyear Loch Wellington Boot

Grisport Keeper High Leg Boots

A sturdy and tough camouflage neoprene lined wellington boot. With a tough rubber sole unit and reinforced heel. Find out more here.

High leg all leather shooting boot with a waterproof and breathable liner. Comfortable and lightweight.

To buy this boot click here.

A ladies lightweight neoprene lined wellington boot with a splash of colour. Perfect for everyday wear!

Find out more here.

If you are looking for a high leg shooting boot that is made from top quality leather and is extremely comfortable to wear, then give the Grisport Keeper boot a try.

For more information and to buy this boot, click here.


Percussion Sologne Wellington Boots

Jack Pyke Hunters Boots 

Grisport Revolution Boot

Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington Boots

An all rubber wellington boot from french brand Percussion. A quality comfortable boot perfect for a range of outdoor activities.

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High leg shooting boot manufactured to high standards. 

For more information click here.

An all soft leather walking boots from Grisport, designed for comfort. Fully waterproof and breathable with a sturdy leather sole. 

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Rubber wellington boot with a cotton lining. Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

For more information and to buy the Braemar wellington boot click here.


Grisport Crusader Boots

Hoggs of Fife Rambler Boot 

Grisport Dartmoor Shoe 

Difference between the Grisport Dartmoor shoe and the Ravine shoe 

Lightweight leather walking boot with a waterproof and breathable membrane suitable for the toughest of terrain. 

For more information click here.

A lightweight fabric walking boot with a waterproof and breathable membrane.

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Possibly the very best lightweight leather walking shoe for men and women.

Find out why here 

Check out what the differences are between the Grisport Dartmoor and Ravine shoe here 


Grisport Magma Lo Walking Shoe

Grisport Modena Shoe

Hoggs of Fife Field Sport Wellington Boot 

Grisport Quatro Boots

Lightweight fabric walking shoe for ladies with a waterproof and breathable membrane suitable for the toughest of terrain. 

For more information click here.

A lightweight leather walking shoe with a rubber sole unit. 

Find out more here

Neoprene wellington boot from Hoggs of Fife featuring a Vibram sole unit. 

For more information and to buy this tweed bag click here.


If you suffer with tendonitis, then this boot is for you. Find out why here.

For more information or to buy this boot click here



Hoggs of Fife Shire Dealer Boot

Grisport Oak Boots



A lightweight, all leather dealer boot from Hoggs of Fife. A great work boot or an everyday boot.

Find out more here

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable high leg boots from Grisport.

Find out more here.





Accessories & Equipment Reviews

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Products we have reviewed:

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Wearing the correct footwear when out on the field is important for comfort, grip and stability. Check out our latest shooting boot reviews including Grisport Keeper boot, Jack Pyke Hunters boot and many more. With many shooting jackets available on the market it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Our impartial reviews on our shooting jackets provide you with the details you need to make an informative decision. Wellington boots can be uncomfortable and cold to wear. Today, with the introduction of neoprene lining and many other features, wellington boots are as comfortable as boots. Check out our latest reviews on our collection of wellington boots.


Walking Boots Review walking-shoes-reviews.jpg
Equipment Reviews - Coming Soon! Walking Boots Reviews Walking Shoes Reviews
By wearing the wrong type of walking boot, you may suffer with blisters and other foot ailments. Our walking boot reviews highlight the key features needed for comfortable boots. Find out more about our walking shoe reviews including Grisport Dartmoor shoes and the Ravine shoe. Make sure you use the right equipment for your outdoor sport. Read from our range of equipment reviews including which gaiters to wear when beating and which insect repellent to use when hiking.


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