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Taking the right product care steps for your outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment will naturally prolong the life of your items, thereby ensuring best performance. And, naturally, when spending a considerable amount of money on walking boots, rucksacks, shooting jackets or wellies, it’s really important to make sure they perform well for you and last for a long period of time. This is both our aim and your aim!

So, to help with maintaining the overall performance of your country clothing, footwear and equipment, we have created a range of Product Care Guides, covering topics such as, how to maintain a pair of Brogue shoes or how to use Nikwax products to re-proof clothing, footwear and equipment.

With so many different product care items available on the market from top quality brands such as Nikwax, Granger and Kiwi, sometimes it can be confusing on which is the best solution to improve the performance of your gear. Do you carefully consider which products you should use to get the best results? For example, will NikwaxTX Direct re-proof a ‘Down’ filled Jacket? Can a tweed jacket be washed?

 Nikwax Cotton Proof Guide  Dexshell care Guide  Nikwax Care Guide  Miracle of Nikwax Guide

New and Improved Nikwax Cotton Proof

Learn how to waterproof cotton clothing and equipment

Dexshell Care Instructions

Learn how to get the best from your waterproof hats, gloves and socks.

The Miracle of Nikwax

Learn how to wash and reproof your waterproof outdoor and country clothing with ease without damaging the fabric.

Ever wondered how to re-waterproof a jacket?

Learn how to waterproof a jacket that is no longer waterproof with our easy recommendations.

 Chera Wax Guide      

What is Chera-Wax Cotton?

Many outdoor clothing products are made from chera-wax cotton, but what is it? Find out here.


Can wellington boots be treated to prevent the rubber from drying out? Or, what’s the best way to re-proof a pair of Grisport boots? There’s nothing worse than the leather on your walking bootscracking and splitting, resulting in wet feet, or perhaps your waterproof and breathable ‘over-trousers’ being wetter on the inside rather than on the outside! All of these may be typical questions that you need answers to!

Why you should wax your leather boots   How to clean dog walking boots  How to treat leaking boots  How to clean suede boots

Five Reasons why you should wax your leather walking boots and shoes regularly!

With a little bit of care your leather walking boots and shoes will last for many years. Find out how here.

Without a bit of TLC your dog walking boots will start to leak! Here's how to get it right!

Learn about the do's and don'ts of cleaning leather dog walking boots.

Leaking walking boots? Get the best from your boots!

There are many reasons for leaking boots. Punctured membrane, cracked leather. Find out here how to treat and reproof your boots.

Clean, maintain and reproof nubuck and suede Grisport shoes

Follow our 8 steps on how to clean, maintain and reproof nubuck and suede shoes here


 How to treat leather boots  How to clean shooting boots  How to clean brogue shoes  

Clean, maintain and reproof leather grisport boots and shoes

Learn the best way to clean, maintain and reproof your leather boots and shoes here.

How to clean and reproof leather shooting boots

Make sure you get the best from your shooting boots with our cleaning and reproofing guide here.

Brogue shoes - How to take care of them!

Learn how to clean and maintain brogue shoes and boots with our step by step guide.



How can you wash your Dexshell waterproof socks and hats without spoiling the breathable membrane? Our product care guides offer some guidance and advice on how to get the best result.


New and Improved Nikwax Cotton Proof

Learn how to waterproof cotton clothing and equipment




This section is always growing, so do please look regularly for new information or, alternatively, why not contact us by phone on 01978 437029 for advice and guidance on the best way to look after your gear! Or why not subscribe to our blog and stay up to date!

With new product care guides being added regularly, please make sure you pop back soon! Or why not contact us personally for more detailed information on 01978 437029.


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