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Grisport Quatro Boot Review




Outstanding boot to prevent tendonitis!

Below is the transcript of the Quatro Walking Boot video commentary:

Are you looking for a pair of walking boots that are comfortable straight from the box? Do you worry about twisting your ankle when out walking or may be you suffer with tendonitis? Then the Grisport Quatro walking boot is the boot for you.

The Grisport Quatro boot has been designed with comfort in mind. It includes the ankle support system, so that your ankle is locked into place and it also has the unique five layer sole unit which has been specifically designed by Grisport. This sole unit will ensure a comfortable walk and a stable walk. It has an outer Vibram sole which is a durable sole, slip resistant and shock proof. The second layer is the stabilizer. The stabilizer prevents twisting and as I twist the boot, you can see there is very little movement in the boot.

The third layer guarantees a cushioned walk, which is the mid sole. The Quatro boot has a breathable sole lining, which guarantees that your foot doesn't get too hot. Finally there is an arch support insole, specifically designed for comfort.This boot also has a cushioned, sewn in tongue, which will prevent any water or debris from entering into the boot while you are walking. There is a cushioned ankle, and as I press in at the ankle you can see there is a little bit of movement there and also at the anti-tendonitis relief system at the back. This system is nice and soft which will give you a lot more movement and a lot more support.

This boot has many other features. Grisport use only top quality leather when manufacturing their boots and what we recommend when treating these boots is the Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather. This will treat the leather and feed the leather, and it will prevent the boot from cracking and it will remain waterproof.

It also has the quick lacing system. These hooks are made from top quality steel and also there are self-locking hooks, so the laces are not going to come undone while walking. This is a cracking boot.

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grisport quatro boot