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REVIEWED: September 2017

Stylish and practical neoprene wellington boots for ladies that are extremely comfortable to wear!


  • Neoprene lining that offers a cushioned walk
  • Practical dark colour with attractive pink edging
  • Adjustable side strap and waterproof gusset (ideal for wider calves)


  • No choice of colours


Outer: 100% Rubber

Inner: 100% Foam Rubber (Neoprene Lining)

Goodyear Loch Wellington Boot Review

Are you somebody who lives for their wellies? Perhaps you have horses and you need to muck out every day? Or, maybe you have a very energetic doggy who just loves going for walks through forests and muddy fields!  Well, if this is the case, then wellington boots are probably the best type of footwear to pop on to keep your feet dry - especially when chasing after your pooch through those tempting streams and muddy puddles! 

It's true that wellington boots can often be cold, uninviting and quite uncomfortable to wear.  Naturally, this can drive you to the point where you're considering wearing two, or even three, pairs of socks just to keep your feet warm!  Well, Ladies, despair no more because now there is an answer to all of this. Simply grab yourself a pair of these fantastic Goodyear Loch wellington boots!

The Goodyear Loch wellies have been designed and manufactured with comfort in mind. Featuring a 4mm neoprene lining and a padded insole, your feet will feel as if they're walking on soft, fluffy pillows. Just the job when out and about in the elements!

The neoprene lining (a foam rubber) will keep your feet warm and cosy all day long and will keep the cold out. So, no more cold feet and no more multiple pairs of socks to put on!

In fact the neoprene lining works better, and is even more effective, if you wear just one pair of fairly thin socks. If you were to put on a thicker pair of socks, you'd actually prevent the welly from breathing and this means that you're more likely to end up with sweaty feet which, of course, is not good!  With a neoprene lining, a clear advantage (particularly when wearing thinner socks), is that the welly won't breed bacteria, fungi or any other pathogenic micro-organisms - so no more sweaty and smelly feet which, of course, is good!

The Loch wellies are available in a practical Navy colour with a splash of pink around the outer sole, the upper trim and also around the strap, so they look great. They are hard-wearing and offer great grip when walking your dog along uneven surfaces or perhaps when you're busy digging in the garden. They are soft, light and stylish to wear and won't need breaking in. They really will feel like a pair of slippers, as soon as you put them on.

Other features of the Loch wellies are:

  • A kick spur to help take them off easily
  • 2cm heels - handy if horse riding!
  • Ergonomically designed around the ankle areas for a comfortable fit
  • Reinforced ankle areas for extra durability
  • Cleated rubber outsoles for optimal grip
  • An adjustable fitting calf strap

Goodyear Loch Wellington Boot Product Review

Check out our video below:

So, if you're looking for a pair of wellingtons that are more substantial than normal festival wellies, yet not as rugged as a pair of country boots, then do give these a try. We know that you won't be disappointed! 

Go ahead and get the same grip underneath your feet, with a pair of these Goodyear Loch Wellington boots, as you would with a set of good quality Goodyear tyres fitted on the wheels of your car!

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