Classic Canes Hen Crook (or Shepherd's Crook)

Classic Canes

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The chestnut hen crook (or shepherd's crook) is a charming country stick perfect for children and ladies. Traditionally used by farmers' wives to help catch hens, the hen crook is made from peeled chestnut wood and has been steemed and molded into an attractice crook shaped stick. A lovely, lightweight country stick that's perfect for light walking or for a child who is taking part in a nativity play.

Key features at a glance:

  • Chestnut wood
  • Crook handle
  • Lightweight
  • Metal ferrule fitted

Weight: 150g

Length: Approx 92cm (height varies)

Colour: Chestnut

CAUTION: hen crooks must not be left or stored in damp conditions because the damp will make the steamed crook spring open.