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The chestnut hiking staff is a characterful and practical walking stick that is perfect for country walks. Crafted from coppiced chestnut wood, this staff not only provides a reliable support during walks but also boasts an attractive color that adds to its charm. To create the unique congo effect, the growing chestnut stick is skillfully pinched at regular intervals along its length, a year before it is due to be harvested. This technique allows the wounds to heal and blend in with the rest of the wood, resulting in a visually appealing pattern.

Once the stick is ready to be harvested, the bark is carefully removed to unveil the knobbly cane underneath. This natural and rustic appearance adds to the character of the hiking staff, making it stand out among other walking sticks. Additionally, this staff comes with a leather wrist strap, ensuring that it remains secure and easily accessible during walks.

One of the standout features of this chestnut hiking staff is its versatile ferrule. Designed as a 'Combi-ferrule', it consists of a rubber ferrule fitted over a spiked one. This innovative combination allows the staff to be used on both hard and soft surfaces, providing stability and grip regardless of the terrain. Whether walking on rocky paths or grassy trails, this walking stick ensures a comfortable and secure experience.

The chestnut hiking staff is not only a functional walking aid but also a visually appealing accessory for country walks. Crafted from coppiced chestnut wood and featuring a unique congo effect, this staff showcases natural beauty and adds character to any outdoor adventure. With its leather wrist strap and versatile combi-ferrule, it offers both convenience and stability, making it an ideal companion for those who enjoy exploring the countryside.

Key features at a glance:

  • Chestnut congo hiking staff
  • Spiked metal combi-ferrule
  • Traditional walking stick
  • Leather wrist thong

Stick length: approx 122cm (48")

Weight: approx 495g

Design: Congo effect

Brand Information:

For more information on Classic Canes, please read our Classic Canes Brand Information guide here.