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1000 mile Socks

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The 1000 Mile Liner Sock is a sock within a sock. The unique Tactel® inner layer wicks away perspiration to the outer layer of the sock therefore keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable all day. The inner layer stays with the foot, and with the unique 'Heel Power' technology the sock grips the heel therefore preventing the sock from slipping. The outer layer moves with the boot or shoe therefore eliminating any friction on the foot and reducing wear. 

The outer layer is designed to absorb moisture, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and dry no matter the conditions. With Heel Power technology for added heel grip, slipping is never a concern. And if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, the 1000 mile Liner Socks come with a money-back guarantee [more info]. 

This 1000 mile liner sock can be used as a base layer to your traditional thick walking socks to prevent blisters or as a sock on its own during summer months with lightweight fabric boots and shoes. A great blister-preventing sock!

Don't let uncomfortable socks hold you back - upgrade to the 1000 mile liner socks today.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Double layer liner sock
  • No blisters guaranteed
  • Inner layer wicks away perspiration
  • Outer layer absorbing moisture therefore keeping your feet dry all day
  • Heel Power technology for heel grip to prevent slipping
  • Money back guarantee [more info]

Sizes: Small (3-51/2), Medium (6-81/2), Large (9-11 1/2), Extra Large (12-14)

Materials: Outer Layer - 70% Cotton, 29% Nylon & 1% Elastane Lycra®, Inner Layer - 100% Tactel®

Colour: Black

Care Guide: Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not bleach or tumble dry