Percussion Predator 1200 Stronger Hunting Gaiters


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The Percussion Predator Stronger gaiters are a durable gaiter made from 100% Polyester 900D (denier) fabric with a PVC coating and taped seams. The foot strap is made from an extra durable rubber fabric and for ease of putting on and pulling off, these gaiters feature a down closing zip at the back.  These gaiters are highly waterproof and breathable and are perfect for shooters, hunters, beaters, farmers and dog walkers. Perfect for walking through brambles and heather.

The 900 Denier Polyester fabric is reasonably thick material making them durable.  In addition, the PVC coating makes these gaiters strong and durable but lightweight, flexible and waterproof. Also, PVC coating offers similar performance as other durable materials, such as leather, but at lower the costs.

Key features at a glance:

  • Waterproof and breathable 
  • Polyester 900D
  • PVC coating
  • Taped seams
  • Rubber strap for underfoot strap
  • Top closing zip for ease
  • Velcro covering the zip
  • Draw cord at the top for better fit

Size: One Size

Colour: Khaki (with Orange reflector)

Extra Detail:

Brand: Percussion Clothing
Material: 100% Polyester, 900Denier [more info]
Length: 16v  .5 inches
Width: 17inches (Fabric width when laid flat and stretched out)


900 Denier

Denier refers to the thickness of the fabric. The higher the denier the thicker the fabric, lower the denier the finer the fabric. For example, one strand of silk is defined as 1D (Denier)