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Antler Dog Chew Original Puppy

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Original Puppy
Antler Dog Chew for puppies
Antler Dog Chews Long Lasting Organic Goodness
Made by Nature Recycled Packaging
No deers harmed during this process Totally Natural

Looking for an exciting new chew for your new puppy that will last and last? Then try the Antler Dog Chew Original for Puppies! A smaller tip antler that is totally natural, with no added additives or preservatives, and is irresistible to puppies! This 100% natural puppy chew is packed tight with tasty minerals and nutrients perfect to keep your puppy fit and healthy. Great for keeping gnawing puppies away from the furniture!

Key features at a glance:

Naturally shed/dropped antlers
Free from chemicals
Low odour
No Stains
Lasts for ages

All Antler Dog Chews are cut from naturally shed deer antler!

Size: Puppy

For more information check out our Antler Dog Chew FAQ

Antler Dog Chews 100% Natural






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