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Introducing the New Acme Alpha Dog Whistle - the pinnacle of canine training instruments, hailed as the best dog whistle in the world. Meticulously crafted over four years in collaboration with Champion trainers, this whistle stands as a testament to innovation and expertise in the field. Its patented sound chambers revolutionize air utilization, resulting in a brighter sound that empowers you with unparalleled command and fosters a more responsive dog, whether close-by or over vast distances.

Designed for effortless use, the Acme Alpha Dog Whistle offers supreme flexibility, allowing you to vary your breath, whistling style, and choice of commands with ease. Its all-over comfort grip ensures both softness in the mouth and impeccable handling in all conditions, be it across fields, hills, beaches, local parks, or within the confines of your home.

For owners of boundless energy Spaniels, such as springers, cockers, Cavaliers, or even more unique breeds like water spaniels, the Acme 210½ TM presents an ideal choice. Emitting a frequency of 6200Hz, this whistle boasts an effective range of up to 90 meters under optimal conditions, making it a perfect companion for obedience training and fieldwork where close coordination with your dog is paramount. Lead your pack to new heights of obedience and companionship with the Acme Alpha Dog Whistle.

Key features at a glance:

  • Standard high-pitch sound
  • Whistle without Pea
  • Ergonomic design with comfort grip
  • Brighter sound than other whistles
  • Solid tone
  • Single frequency of 6200Hz
  • Range of up to 90 meters
  • Perfect for obedience trailing and fieldwork

Colour: Black/Orange

Suitable for: Spaniels