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We all need to be safe, comfortable, warm and dry when out and about in the countryside. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly which products to buy, due to the complexity of the terminology used by manufacturers! To make matters worse, it may be the case that a product image and description just doesn't give you all the information.

We have tested a range of shooting clothing, shooting footwear, wellington boots and walking boots and equipment - all to help you make an informed decision!

Products we have reviewed:

shooting-boots-reviews.jpg Shooting Jackets Reviews  Wellington Boots Reviews 
Shooting Boots Reviews Shooting Jackets Reviews Wellingtons Boots Reviews
Wearing the correct footwear when out on the field is important for comfort, grip and stability. Check out our latest shooting boot reviews including Grisport Keeper boot, Jack Pyke Hunters boot and many more. With many shooting jackets available on the market it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Our impartial reviews on our shooting jackets provide you with the details you need to make an informative decision. Wellington boots can be uncomfortable and cold to wear. Today, with the introduction of neoprene lining and many other features, wellington boots are as comfortable as boots. Check out our latest reviews on our collection of wellington boots.


Walking Boots Review walking-shoes-reviews.jpg
Equipment Reviews - Coming Soon! Walking Boots Reviews Walking Shoes Reviews
By wearing the wrong type of walking boot, you may suffer with blisters and other foot ailments. Our walking boot reviews highlight the key features needed for comfortable boots. Find out more about our walking shoe reviews including Grisport Dartmoor shoes and the Ravine shoe. Make sure you use the right equipment for your outdoor sport. Read from our range of equipment reviews including which gaiters to wear when beating and which insect repellent to use when hiking.


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This section is always growing, with new product reviews being added regularly, so please pop back from time to time.

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