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Frequently Asked Questions about Wellies

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Wellies FAQ

wellies for festivalsBelow are a list of questions that we are asked on a regular basis about our wellies, either in-store or over the telephone, together with our answers.

1. Where is it considered ‘acceptable’ to wear wellies?

2. My wellington boots are cold but I can’t afford a new pair of Neoprene boots. What can I do?

3. How can I clean the inside of my kid’s wellies?

4. I have chunky big calves. Which wellies will fit comfortably?

5. What do I need to think about when looking for the right type of wellies for dog walking?


Fleece welly liners – You can insert a fleece sock that fits inside your boots with a turnover top to hold them in place. This essentially gives you fleece lined wellies.

b. Fleece insoles – You can slot in a pair of Bama fleece insoles, to give extra damp protection

c. Welly Boot socks – You can wear extra thick and extra cosy socks!

adjustable wellington would be your best choice. The adjustable welly has an adjustable strap on the side of the boot with an internal bellowed tongue to prevent water and debris from entering the boot. The strap can be tightened of loosened to achieve the best fit.

Alternatively, a short wellie may be more comfortable. The tops of shorter length wellington boots will be just below the calf area.

Buying Guide

We do hope the tips and hints above will serve as a useful guide but please do feel free to contact us, should you have any further questions or queries!

Be comfortable – and enjoy your time – when out and about in your wellies!