How to measure hat size. What size hat do I need? 

1. Measure your head size

To get an accurate measurement of your head, you will need either a piece of string or ribbon.

Wrap the string (or ribbon) around your head and hold it just above the ear tip.  Pull the string around to the forehead just above the eyebrows. Don't pull the string too tighly otherwise the hat will be too tight. Mark the string with a pen where the two pieces meet.

Place the string on a ruler and measure the length of the string up to the mark.  This will give you the circumference of your head.

2. Use the head size chart

To find your hat size use the size chart below. For example, if the circumference of your head is 57.8cm you will need a size large. 

Size Chart

CM Fit Stretch Fit
54 S S/M
55 S S/M
55.9 M S/M
56.8 M M/L
57.8 L M/L
58.7 L M/L
59.7 XL L/XL
60.6 XL L/XL
61.6 XXL L/XL
62.5 XXL  
63.5 XXL  


Hats for MenHats for Men

There are many different types of mens hats available including flat caps, beanie hats, baseball caps and wide brim hats. Some come in specific sizing, such as the Harris Tweed flat caps and Harris Tweed Bakerboy caps and are available in sizes small up to extra-large, whereas others are available as one size.  Perhaps you are considering buying a hat for a friend, or family member, but are unsure of their head size. If so, then a one size fits all type of hat would be perfect, such as a baseball cap.  Or maybe a stretch fit/dual size hat may be worth considering, such as a S/M or L/XL.

Hats for Women

There are a great range of hats for women now available including wide brim hats, beanie hats and tweed hats. Many of the hats for women are available as one size, where there is an elastic band located on the inside brim of the hat.  Alternatively, they may come with an adjustable band on the inside so that you can achieve the perfect fit. There is also a fantastic range of baseball caps specifically for women.

Hat Styles and Popular Brands

Whether looking for a new hat to complement an existing outfit, or a hat to replace an old one that's become a bit worse for wear, at Cherry Tree Country Clothing we have a great range to choose from.  To view our collections please click on one of the links below:

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Harris Tweed flat caps

Popular collections:

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Popular brands:

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