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Corrymoor's mohair socks hail from glorious Blackbown Hills in East Devon. Since 1986, the wonderful people at Corrymoor have become expert in the production of quality, durable, strong and comfortable mohair socks.

Mohair is shorn from the back of Angora goats and mohair fibres produce socks - and many other items too - that are really soft and comfy to wear. Corrymoor shears its own goats on its farm and also buys in carefully selected mohair from other farmers to be able to offer a continuous supply of its fantastically made socks.

Oh, and another thing. Corrymoor socks really do keep your feet cool when worn in the summer and are ideal for keeping your feet snug and warm in the winter. They are very hard wearing and 3 times more resistant to rubbing than socks made from other types of wool will be. In addition, mohair fibres have an amazing wicking ability, so moisture from sweat is easily wicked away as you're walking. This results in healthy - and nice smelling - feet which can only be a bonus! These socks have cushioned soles and reinforced heels too, all adding to the fantastic key features of these quality items. They're great for your feet, ideal for those with sensitive skin and recommended by many chiropodists. They're also very easy to wash.

These mohair socks really are fantastic for walking, hiking or any other outdoor activity - and are ideal for the workplace as well! Enjoy for yourself or buy as a superb gift for someone special!

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