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Dexshell technology and materials

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Dexshell have designed and manufactured a range of products that are fully waterproof, breathable and windproof.

Dexshell Construction

Using a unique three layer construction, Dexshell are able to offer top performing products. The three layers include:

  • Layer 1: Durable outer layer
  • Layer 2: Porelle membrane
  • Layer 3: Comfortable inner

Layer 1: Outer

The durable outer layer shell is a protection layer that has been knitted with a durable and wear resistant yarn. This outer shell offers strength and long lasting. Plus its easy to drip dry if they get wet!

Layer 2: Porelle membrane

Porelle membrane is a specially designed waterproof and breathable film (sandwiched between the outer and inner layers) that has been engineered to create a high performing fabric for all types of outdoor activities. This film prevents any water from passing through, but allows the product to breath.

Layer 3: Inner

The inner part of the product has direct contact with the skin, and therefore needs to be comfortable and not ‘itchy’ or irrating in any way. Dexshell have used a range of inner materials, including Coolmax, Thermolite and Merino Wool. Each one of these materials provides benefits for the most extreme conditions.

Merino Wool – extremelly warm, breathable, anti-static, odour resistant, repells mositure and is lightweight. Plus its soft and gentle against the skin

Coolmax – draws mositure away from the body which helps to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Also Coolmax fresh FX has added anti-bacterial properties

Thermolite – Thermolite is a comfortable, lightweight and warm material. The unique construciton allows air to be trapped for great insulation. Thermolite is also know as ‘artifical polar bear hair!’

Dexshell products are a selection of stylish and technical accessories that are great for a range of outdoor and country activities.


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