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REVIEWED: April 2018

"...If you are looking for a pair of versatile leather walking shoes that can be worn anywhere then give the Grisport Dartmoor GTX a try!"


  • Lightweight Leather Shoe
  • Cushioned Sole Unit
  • Very Comfortable  - straight from the box!


  • Only available in Brown leather


Outer: 100% Italian Leather with a Cordura Ankle Collar

Inner: Cordura Fabric

 Grisport Dartmoor GTX Shoe Review

If you're thinking about going for a long walk or a hike soon, you'll find that many experienced walkers would recommend wearing a good pair of sturdy walking boots. Great advice! However, a good quality pair of walking shoes can be just as effective and can easily offer the same benefits as those of any good walking boots. The trick is to choose very carefully!

Walking boots do indeed offer great ankle support which, of course, is necessary if you have weak ankles. In addition they're great if you're walking through muddy ground, puddles or snow. However walking shoes should definitely not be overlooked and, while they are they lighter than traditional walking boots, they still offer that much needed traction, stability and comfort. This is certainly true of the Grisport Dartmoor GTX shoe!

The Grisport Dartmoor GTX shoe is in fact an updated version of the extremely popular Dartmoor shoe from Grisport. These shoes are manufactured using top quality Italian leather and they're really comfy - straight out of the box! One slight variation from the first version of the Dartmoor shoe is its lacing system. Whilst the first version features closed lace hooks right to the top of the shoe, the newly updated version has one hook system placed at the top of the shoe. Feedback suggests that some walkers prefer this type of hook lacing system as it helps them to achieve better tension.

Below are some of the other great features which guarantee to make this a comfortable, stable and long lasting shoe:

Cushioned and Vibram Sole

The Dartmoor GTX shoe has a well tested and very comfortable five layer sole unit. This unique layering system, designed by Grisport, incorporates a durable rubber Vibram sole unit which offers superb traction and stability. Part of the five layer unit is the mid-sole layer which is designed to help reduce the weight of the shoe and guarantee a cushioned comfortable walk. In addition, the cushioned sole unit helps to alleviate any pressures or strains on the knees and ankles especially when walking on hard ground such as concrete or rocky terrain. For more information please click here

Waterproof Membrane

The Dartmoor GTX shoe features a fully waterproof Spo-Tex membrane which meets the British waterproofing standards. These standards test how well the shoes can withstand water and, during testing, the GTX lasted for over 7 hours from dry. If you're wearing your shoes for a number of consecutive days, do make sure that they are completely dry before donning them at the start of each new day. This will help you to take full advantage of the same level of waterproofness each day. 


As with the original Grisport Dartmoor shoe the sizing of the updated GTX is also 'true to size'. All Grisport shoes come in European sizing which, depending on your size, are often available in half sizes too. For example, a size EU 44 equates to a UK size 9.5. In addition the construction and sizing of the shoe allows room for a good quality walking sock to be worn too, which is very important for both comfort and hygiene. The sizing is not narrow but it's not too wide either!

Maintenance and Care

All leather boots and shoes do need proper maintenance and of course the Dartmoor GTX shoe is no different. Please consider the important points below:

1. Never 'force dry' your leather shoes by drying them next to a radiator or in-front of a fire. Unfortunately, a speedy drying process might dry the leather out too quickly, possibly causing it to crack. Similarly, the waterproof membrane might shrink and crack, resulting in leaking shoes.

2. Regular cleaning and reproofing of the Grisport Dartmoor GTX shoe will help to make sure that they last for many years. For more information please click here.

For more information please view of product video below:


In summary:

The Grisport Dartmoor GTX is very cosy to wear, is well constructed and is a great alternative to wearing everyday walking boots.



If you would like any further information about this item or any of the other products in our range, please do get in touch! 

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