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A lightweight, all leather dealer boot that offers both comfort and style!

Hoggs of Fife Shire Dealer Boot

The Hoggs of Fife Shire dealer boot is made from top quality leather material. Constructed to a very high standard, this dealer boot is perfect for the workplace and for everyday wear too. Whilst the Shire boot does not actually come with a safety toe area, the front of the boot really is very sturdy. 

Hoggs Dealer Boot Sole UnitA great feature of this Hoggs professional boot is that it is fitted with an anti-slip sole that is oil, chemical and heat resistant. In addition, the boot features a Goodyear welted sole-unit meaning that, whenever the time comes, the sole can be easily repaired or re-soled. 

Further, the Shire boot has been constructed using a Taibrelle inner lining. This type of liner helps keep your feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It works by allowing your feet to breathe, because it lets in air but keeps moisture out. Furthermore, this liner acts like blotting paper by absorbing foot perspiration and quickly drying, helping to prevent mildew or foot odour.

Taibrelle liners are soft and cushion-like and are also durable and therefore long lasting. You'll find Taibrelle liners present in the finest, quality footwear items!

Pros: A fine, lightweight yet sturdy leather dealer boot

Cons: No safety toe cap

A fantastic buy if: You are looking for a lightweight leather dealer boot that is suitable for jobs such as gardening, or other light work.


A Summary of the Key Features of the Hoggs Shire Dealer Boot

Material: Leather
Sole Unit: Goodyear Welted Sole
Lining: Taibrelle lining
Insole: Soft and cushion-like sole
Sizes: UK 3 – 12
Colours: Brown


 Some Additional Features:

  • Side elastication
  • A leather pull tab on the back of the boot
  • Front pull on tab
  • Rounded front toe, giving a smart look
  • Hoggs Professional stamp branded discretely on the side of the heel

Click here to buy this fantastic lightweight work boot - Hoggs of Fife Shire Dealer Boot.


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