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REVIEWED: September 28th 2013


Hoggs of Fife Falkland Jacket ReviewKeep warm and dry with Hoggs of Fife Falkland Tweed Jacket

Are you looking for a new Hoggs of Fife tweed jacket that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, that’s not too bulky or restrictive for shooting or everyday wear? Then check out the NEW Hoggs of Fife Falkland tweed jacket. This jacket is packed tight with top performing materials and has been carefully designed to bring you the necessary features needed when out in the countryside.

Now available at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, the Hoggs of Fife Falkland tweed jacket is made from a mix of 60% wool and 40% mixed fibres. These jackets have a high content of wool for warmth – and mixed fibres for durability, wear and tear!

Features of Hoggs of Fife Falkland Tweed Jacket

Outlined below are the key features of the Falkland jacket. The top features of this jacket are illustrated in the picture below:


Key featureIt's benefits to you
Waterproof, breathable, windproof Prooftex* dropliner membrane 
(*see below for further details)
Designed to keep you dry and warm in the harshest of conditions
Taped seams To avoid leaking at the seams - as all seams are taped
Dark brown moleskin collar To ensure you have a warm, comfortable cosy collar
Storm flaps So that you can close your jacket right up to the chin for warmth and protection against rain
Stud flap front closure To prevent the wind from blowing through the zip
2 way brass zip There is a strong, long lasting brass zip. Plus a two way opening for when climbing styles or getting into the car
Raglon sleeves Extra material is added at the elbow for ease of movement
Concealed elasticated storm cuffs Ribbed cuffs are hidden in the sleeves to prevent rain or wind from going up the sleeve
2 Moleskin lined handwarmer pockets The pockets are at chest level, and are fully lined for warmth for when you are 'hanging around'
2 bellows pockets with drain vents and shooters retaining straps The jacket has deep front hip pockets with drain vents to hold cartridges, mobile phones, maps etc. Plus it has retaining straps to hold open the bellows pocket for easy access
Breathable quilted poly/cotton lining This lining is built in to prevent static and promote ease of movement. Lining is breathable and will draw humidity and moisture away from your body
Anti-wicking drip strip around hem There's nothing worse than when you get up from sitting on a log or stoney wall and the bottom of your jacket is wet. The anti-wicking drip strip prevents water from soaking up the inside of your jacket
Inside zipped wallet pocket There is a zipped wallet pocket to keep your valuables in, such as keys, mobile phones, and money.
Poachers pocket There is a poachers pocket located at the inner rear of the jacket which is perfect to carry game or maps


The Falkland tweed jacket includes a Proof-tex drop liner membrane. Proof-tex is a premium technology which provides outstanding workmanship to keep you warm, dry and comfortable when out and about. This unique top of the range technology ensures this jacket is: 

  • waterproof
  • breathable
  • windproof
  • UV resistant – material won’t fade or discolour
  • durable – hardwearing 

The Proof-tex technology keeps the cold, wind and rain out and draws humidity and moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and warm all day!

As an additional feature, this jacket has been designed to include a Raglan sleeve, ensuring easy movement. So with additional material at the elbow, there is plenty of material so that the jacket doesn’t ride up when holding a gun or similar. Plus at 34inches in length (on a size medium jacket), this jacket will offer plenty of protect for your back.

So, if you are looking for a waterproof, breathable, windproof jacket that has all the main features for hunting, shooting or just being outdoors, then check out the Hoggs of Fife Falkland tweed jacket.


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