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  • full leather tongue
  • waterproof and breathable
  • soft leather inner ankle lining


  • some breaking-in may be needed 


Overall, the Grisport Ranger boot can be described as a high leg boot made from 100% premium Italian leather. This boot has the same features as some other boots currently on the market priced at over £200.00 - so you are definitely getting your money's worth! 

The Ranger boot is one of Grisport's top of the range boots. Manufactured using top performing technologies, this boot will offer comfort and protection from extreme weather conditions for many years to come.

For the ultimate weather protection, a Sympatex membrane has been incorporated into the lining of the boot. This inner lining will keep rain and water out, whilst drawing moisture away from the foot and out of the boot. This will, in turn, allow your feet to breath and will prevent overheating.

A Sympatex membrane is:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • Optimally breathable

For more information on this high performance membrane, please visit the SympaTex website.

in addition, there is ample padding at the ankle area of the boot, which is made from soft leather. There is also a soft leather inner ankle lining, making the boots extremely comfortable to wear. This means that there will be less rubbing and extra durability at key wear areas.

The tongue of the boot is itself made from leather whilst soft leather is also fitted at either side of the tongue to give a more comfortable fit when lacing up. Further, the Grisport Ranger boot includes a heel lock system which helps to lock the heel in place, thus reducing the risk of slipping, helping to prevent ankle damage and reducing the possibility of blisters. This lock system also helps to avoid the twisting of ankles, when walking on uneven ground.

Other key features of this boot include:

- an anti-tendonitis padding on the heel, to help reduce the amount of friction on the achilles

- a rugged Vibram sole unit with traction and slip resistant lugs

- arch support insoles that are removable and can be replaced with anti-shock insoles if required

How to get the most from your Grisport Ranger Boots

It's very likely that the Grisport Ranger boot will be used in extreme weather conditions, from muddy boggy grounds, to warm rocky climates. Taking a bit of time to care for these boots will make sure you have many years of enjoyment from them. If the leather gets very wet, then allow the boots to dry naturally. When completely dry, apply a wax based waterproofing treatment to the leather to "feed" and nurture the natural components of the leather. This wax treatment will make sure the leather remains waterproof and supple, reducing the possibility of cracks and splits. 

Use a blunt object such as an old toothbrush to clean in-between the lugs on the sole to remove soil and mud. You can then rinse off any manure or muck to avoid the acid from eating into the rubber. For more information on how to maintain your leather boots please review our Clean, Maintain and Reproof Leather Grisport Boots and Shoes guide.

If you take care of your boots, then your boots will take care of you!

Enjoy your new boots!


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