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Waxed jackets - the pick of the best! Including useful tips

Posted by Tony Bithell on 27th Aug 2016

Do you like wearing waxed jackets and looking for a new one ready for the Autumn? It’s always difficult to know exactly what to choose when buying a new waxed jacket!

Finding a jacket that not only provides protection from the elements but is stylish and comfy too, is a must!

Below are details of some of our quality waxed jackets to help you make the right choice:

Hoggs of Fife Waxed Jackets

Hoggs woodsman wax jacket

Hoggs of Fife Woodsman Wax Jacket

The mens Woodsman jacket is popular with those who are out in the country or working in agriculture. It is a lined but unpadded jacket, with 2 hand-warmer pockets and knitted internal storm cuffs. It also has 2 large bellowed pockets with double studded flaps. This is also a great jacket for dog walkers and gardeners alike! Its weight is less than that of a traditional padded waxed jacket, and it is both durable and hard wearing. Complete with a corduroy collar and 100% cotton lining this jacket is warm, cosy and comfortable. It is available in sizes M to XXXL in olive green.

Hoggs padded wax jacket

Hoggs of Fife Padded Waxed Jackets

The Padded Waxed Jacket has a quilted lining to guarantee warmth and boasts an elegant corduroy collar. It comes complete with a detachable hood and studded throat tab for extra protection. With a corduroy collar, knitted internal cuffs and an anti-wicking nylon drip stop, this jacket is certainly value for money. It has 2 front pockets and an internal pocket and is sized from XS to XXXL. It is available in Brown and Olive.

Hoggs long wax coatThe waxed long coat is an ideal gift for that special person! This full length coat offers a high level of water protection and is fitted with a strong cotton shoulder cape. It has a 2-way brass front zip, studded storm flap and cuffs, along with a very useful throat tab. It boasts 2 front pockets, a rear riding vent and leg straps. This half-way padded and quilted lined coat is ideal for horse riding or long country walks. It’s smart, stylish, warm and comfy! Sized from S to XL, its available in Brown and Navy.

Waxed Jacket for Kids

The Junior waxed jackets are practical, durable and really cool for kids! your child will simply love wearing this! Fantastic value for money, this jacket will keep kids warm and cosy all day when walking or playing outside. With a brass front zip, 2 front pockets and a corduroy collar, the jacket is available in olive green. Available in sizes 24″ to 34″ chest.

Sherwood Forest Wax Jackets

Sherwood Forest Hadleigh wax jacket

Sherwood Forest Hadleigh Wax Jacket

The Sherwood Forest Hadleigh waxed jacket is made from 100% non-sticky waxed material and boasts stylish features. It has 4 pockets with stud fastening and a studded storm flap. Complete with a belt, this jacket has a ‘set in’ shoulder and is very smart in appearance. It will keep you warm and cosy all day long, due to its cotton inner (checked) lining. It is available in sizes 8 to 18 in Brown.

Sherwood Hunting Jacket

Sherwood Forest Hunting Wax Jacket

The waxed hunting jacket made with 100% cupra wax is just great for fishing, farming or everyday wear! It has a detachable hood, a brass 2 way zip and a corduroy collar. It boasts cosy hand warmer pockets and a rear poachers pocket along with a handy internal pocket. This quality jacket has a storm flap and its top half is cotton lined while its bottom half is polyester lined. It is worn with ease over other layers as it is not padded and is available in Brown in sizes XS to XXL.

Don’t forget that your waxed jackets will need to be re-reproofed from time to time. For ease of application, we recommend Hoggs of Fife professional wax cotton dressing which is available in 100ml tins. Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully to get the best results.

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