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What is Duck Cotton Canvas

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Cotton duck canvas fabric is a common fabric used for a variety of outdoor clothing and equipment, such as sand-bags, boat sails and footwear such as trainers.

Duck canvas fabric can also be referred to as duck, duck cotton or sometimes duck cloth but, in most cases, it is probably better known just as “canvas”.

This cotton fabric is a heavy, plain woven cotton material which is incredibly resistant to tearing, meaning it is great for rough wear. This strong woven fabric is an ideal material for clothing and indeed equipment used for country pursuits, such as beating, shooting gardening and farming.
Benefits of duck fabric:

  • a smooth surface and therefore less likely to snag or tear on brambles
  • an excellent windbloc due to its tightly woven cotton
  • it may be stiff and uncomfortable when new but, after washing, the fabric will soften and will become extremely comfortable to wear
  • it will last for many many years – generally resistant to wear and tear!

Duck canvas fabric last longer when it is exposed to extreme weather!

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